WP Rocket Nulled: Exposed The Risks And Drawbacks of Using It


WP Rocket is the most popular performance optimization plugin for WordPress and eCommerce, It also become one of the fastest-growing cache plugins in the industry.

It is an easy-to-use cache plugin that helps you optimize your website to enhance the site’s performance and boost its user experience (UX).

Since it launched in 2013, The plugin has over 3,535,000 websites using WP Rocket to optimize the site’s performance.

However, with the popularity of any software even WP Rocket, it always faces the problem with pirated or nulled versions.

There are so many websites that allow you to download WP Rocket nulled or pirated versions for free, but is it safe to use on your website?

The short answer is NO. 

They aren’t safe and you shouldn’t download and use WP Rocket nulled versions that are not from its official website.

The WP Rocket nulled or pirated version shouldn’t be used for many reasons. 

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about the risks and drawbacks of using the WP Rocket nulled version.

Let’s get started…

What Is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a WordPress performance optimization plugin built to enhance website speed by implementing various performance optimization features.

Such as minifies CSS and JavaScript, cache pages, database optimization, image lazy load, image optimization, and many other useful features.

There are so many benefits of using a WP Rocket premium license because it comes with tons of advantages and features.

You’ll gain access to frequent updates, top-notch customer support, and the guarantee of a secure experience when you purchase for WP Rocket license.

Moreover, you’ll get the most affordable price with premium performance optimization features to boost your website speed and improve site’s SEO.

Why You Shouldn't Use WP Rocket Nulled?

Before we dive deep into the reasons why you shouldn’t use the WP Rocket nulled, I want you to know why using the nulled or pirated version is more damaging than beneficial.

Most WordPress themes and plugins are licensed under GPL (General Public License) – a free software license that has the freedom to copy, modify, and share the software. 

However, It can be the way nulled or pirated versions of software can be created with no blowback on the person distributing the modified versions.

As a user, you may have installed or using it on your website. If so, you’re putting your business, your personal details, and your client information in front of the hacker’s eyes.

Here are some reasons you shouldn’t use WP Rocket nulled or pirated version on your website.

1. Risk of Viruses, Malware or Ransomware

The extensive studies by Microsoft, IDC, and the National University of Singapore show that there is a 33% chance of getting malware when installing pirated software or buying a PC with pirated software.

When you install nulled or pirated software on your computer or browser it can corrupt your data and device.

Malware or spyware can also get into your home or office network and then gain access to your business and personal information.

 The reports show that in 2018, 70% of ransomware attacks targeted small businesses with an average ransom damage of $116,000 according to HealthitSecurity reports. 

The cause of the risks and damages comes from they’re trying to save several dollars by using nulled or pirated WordPress themes and plugins.

2. Data Privacy Issues

In recent years, we all have heard a lot about data privacy and notable events like Facebook’s testimony before the United States Congress and Google facing fines from the European Union (EU).

Notwithstanding the increasing quantum of time that consumers devote to the digital realm, a mounting apprehension looms over their personal privacy.

In reaction to these concerns, legislators across the globe have been proactively ushering in novel regulations on privacy.

Among these, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the prospect of additional nations and regions embracing akin measures occupy prominent positions.

It is imperative to acknowledge that these privacy statutes are not confined to technology behemoths like Google or Facebook. 

They are applicable to any entity that maintains an online footprint, encompassing membership platforms, software enterprises, publications, and e-commerce establishments. 

Adherence to these regulations is obligatory for all.

Engaging in the utilization of illicit software poses a substantial jeopardy to both your personal security and that of your clientele.

Illegitimate software installations augment the susceptibility of your systems, rendering it simpler for malevolent actors to breach not merely your data but also the delicate information of your patrons.

Cyber malefactors can exploit frailties within unauthorized software to gain access to customer identities, passcodes, and fiscal particulars, thereby posing a grave menace to the integrity of your business and the reliance of your clientele.

3. SEO Issues

The website’s security also impacts your SEO and search engine visibility that can decrease your organic traffic.

nulled and pirate software impact SEO

According to Godaddy’s study, 73.9% of website hacks are SEO purposes by redirecting visitors to a malicious website.

When this happens you’ll see your website’s organic traffic, and search engine ranking significantly drop (in some cases a drop can be as large as 77%).

4. The Risk That Website Not Working Properly

In the realm of content management systems (CMS), WordPress reigns supreme, commanding dominion over more than 43.2% of the digital landscape. 

However, a disconcerting statistic looms on the horizon – an annual onslaught of 10,000 WordPress bastions falling prey to malicious hackers, with an overwhelming 90% of the casualties belonging to the WordPress.

Exhaustive and rigorous examinations have unfurled a revelation – the bane does not stem from the heart and soul of WordPress itself. 

The devoted congregation of developers relentlessly toils, infusing vitality into the core platform, fervently adhering to the latest sanctums of web security.

Yet, amidst the digital skirmishes and incursions, a glimmer of hope persists. 

As long as you ardently adhere to the sacred scriptures of best practices, your WordPress sanctum shall stand fortified against the malevolent forces that lurk in the shadows.

The vulnerabilities that plague this digital realm are oft born from the loins of obsolete or unoptimized WordPress plugins, alongside an onslaught of various cyber marauders.

In this digital tapestry, the safeguarding of your virtual fiefdom must transcend mere consideration. It must ascend to the pantheon of utmost priorities.

The inaugural step embarks upon a judicious selection of plugins that you bestow upon your digital citadel. 

Following in its wake, the fortification of your stronghold through the procurement of the apt WordPress security plugin becomes paramount.

5. Plugin Compatibility Issues

There are risks that WP Rocket‘s nulled or pirated version wouldn’t be compatible with the latest WordPress updates, and other plugins on your website.

All WordPress developers want to ensure that their software is compatible with the WordPress latest updates, Woocommerce, and other plugins.

By following the standard WordPress development requirements and best practices in their developing codes.

And WP Rocket‘s team isn’t different.

They always follow the WordPress development standard and keep their software up to date with the latest WordPress version release.

6. Lack of Product Update and Support

Receiving software updates and technical support is a crucial thing we all need when purchasing any online products.

If you facing any problems downloading or plugin compatibility issues, You’ll be able to connect to the company for support via email or LiveChat to troubleshoot your problem from the support team. 

WP Rocket isn’t different, It provides a high support level to bring a better experience of troubleshooting your issues. 

However, if you go with WP Rocket nulled or pirated version you’ll not receive the software’s latest updates and the advanced technical support from experts whenever you have issues while using the software.

A Quick of WP Rocket Legitimate Version

avoid using WP Rocket nulled version

WP Rocket is the world’s most popular WordPress performance optimization plugin that offers various optimization techniques and functionality to boost your website performance.

You’ll get access to tons of powerful premium features available on the legitimate version of WP Rocket when you invest in a WP Rocket license.

In the below section, I will cover the features and the benefits of using a WP Rocket legitimate license.

Here are the most valuable features from WP Rocket:

Page Cache

Page caching is a crucial way to boost your website performance and reducing server requests by using their latest page cache technology boost your website performance.

These allow you to access your website content quicker without resending multiple times of HTTP request to the server.

WP Rocket offers the page cache feature to get your website cache right away, giving the site ultra-fast loading speed, and it is key to boosting the website’s SEO and conversion. 

👉 Get started with WP Rocket Today for just $59 per year.

GZIP Compression

The GZIP compress features will compress your web pages on the server and decompress them on the user’s browser. 

This will decrease the size of your web pages, so the user gets quicker access to your webpage.

It’s one of the most powerful features for every website when it comes to the site’s performance optimization. 

It will decrease the web page size through its compression function to boost your website’s page speed and decrease its loading time.

Cache Preloading

Cache preloading ensures the users get the speedier, cached versions of your website right away. WP Rocket creates the cached versions of your content upon activation.

You have options to preload your content by doing it manually or let WP Rocket do this automatically. Preloading will begin in a blink when WP Rocket clears the cache of posts/pages/custom post types on your site.

Apart from that, the sitemap-based cache preloading option will automatically detect and preload the sitemaps generated by popular WordPress SEO plugins

eCommerce Optimization

No matter you’re running an eCommerce site, WP Rocket offers the best speed optimization features for your eCommerce store to boost your eCommerce site performance.

You will get a great eCommerce site performance experience with the WP Rocket legitimate license.

Browser Cache

Every first-time visitor view your web page the browser cache features of WP Rocket will frequently store accessed resource of your website – CSS, Javascript, and images on the local memory of the navigation device, be it a desktop or mobile.

This process will give your visitor quicker access to the web pages that used to be accessed on your website without sending new HTTP requests to the server for the accessed content again and again.

Excellent Compatible

WP Rocket is compatible with your favorite of the most popular themes and plugins on the market. So you do not need to worry about the plugins and themes compatibility.

Because the WP Rocket developer team follows the WordPress development standard and ensures the software is compatible with the latest WordPress updates and other plugins.

For more details, you can check out the software updates changelog that shows what they have fixed and updated the WP Rocket plugin functional improvement.

Page Cache, Ultra Fast-Load Time

Search engines like Google love fast-loading websites, if your website loading time increases your readers feel bored and abandon your website.

So, don’t let this happen by taking the advantages with WP Rocket page cache!

WP Rocket caches your web pages by creating static HTML files and making them easy to access for future visitors.

It also applies browser caching by letting the browser store the most used files but rarely update files on its local cache memory.

Make Your Files Lighter

A fast-loading website also depends on the amount of your uploaded files. With WP Rocket you combine and minify CSS and JavaScript files, and optimize JS deferred and CSS delivery.

Moreover, You can delay the execution of JavaScript until user interaction to reduce the initial loading time.

Delaying JavaScript files will give you the benefit of two Core Web Vitals metrics: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and First Input Delay (FID).

Media Files Loaded Only When Needed

WP Rocket includes smart options to tweak your images and iframe display on your website with its LazyLoad, you can defer the loading of your image and iframe by leaving them off-screen until the user needs it.

Lazy-loading is the smart way of optimizing for both perceived and real performance. It also can save user bandwidth because they don’t need to download all the images.

If you’re using WebP images on your website WP Rocket also creates separate cache files to serve those, if needed.

A Tidy Database for a Happy Website

Optimizing your database is efficient and also can help speed up your website. 

WP Rocket provides dedicated options to optimize your database and keep it clean which can boost your website performance.

You’re able to clean up comments, posts, and transients, optimize your database tables, or schedule automatic cleanups: everything in two clicks with WP Rocket.

Reduce Latency and Improve Availability

When you want to spread your content to international audiences, CDN is key to boosting your website loading time for visitors who are far away from where your server is located.

If you are already using a CDN on your website you can integrate it into WP Rocket’s dashboard in a few clicks

However, WP Rocket also offers its own custom CDN (RocketCDN) as an alternative, with RocketCDN you can forget about configuration.

How Much Does WP Rocket Cost?

WP Rocket offers several subscription plans to choose from you need, You can get started with WP Rocket for as low as $59 per year if you are looking to optimize for 1 WordPress website.

However, if you need the license for more websites you can go for a higher tier plan – $119 per year for 3 website licenses (Plus plan) and $299 per year (Infinite plan) for unlimited websites.

These subscription plans come with all of their advanced website performance optimization features that allow you to optimize your website for better performance that significantly can speed up your site’s loading.

Also, you will receive the latest software updates and technical support from the team of WP Rocket experts.

If you ask me, Is WP Rocket the best WordPress performance plugin? – My short answer is YES.

According to its performance advanced features, pricing, and popularity, I would say WP Rocket is the best WordPress performance optimization plugin you be using on your website.

It is worth more than choosing the WP Rocket nulled or pirated version that can impact your business and your customers.


WP Rocket is the most popular WordPress performance plugin in the market. However, It is not a good idea to use WP Rocket nulled or pirated version by trying to save few dollars.

Because it can cause so many problems for your websites, business, and your customers. 

According to the studies from experts show that it can be a dangerous way to use the nulled or pirated software on your computer or your browser (as we mentioned above).

Anyway, to keep your website, business, personal information, and your customer information safe from hackers you need to avoid using nulled or pirated plugins and themes (including WP Rocket nulled version) on your website.  

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, we may receive a small commission when you click and purchase through our link. However, they are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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