The7 Theme Review: Crafting Stunning Websites Made Easy

The7 Wordpress theme review


The7 theme is one of the fastest-growing WordPress themes in the industry, It’s the most customizable WordPress theme and gives you a creative freedom that no other theme can match. 

No matter you’re a beginner or pro, website owner or digital agency.

The7 theme offers you exceptional features like a ton of customization controls, beautifully designed demo sites, and unparalleled values for everyone.

You create a crafting stunning website made easy with The7 theme because it provides over 60 pre-built site templates you can use on your WordPress website The7 theme.

The theme gained over 270,000 satisfied customers and became the most-selling Elementor theme in the industry.

But wait…

There are more interesting things about The7 theme you should know.

In this article of The7 theme review, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the The7 WordPress theme.

Let’s get started.

Who Developed The Theme?

Before purchasing any theme for our website, Learning more about the theme features and the company that developed the theme is the thing we should do to get more ideas around that theme.

So, who’s developed The7 theme?

The7 WordPress theme was developed by Dream-Theme a group of developers in Ukraine. 

The team has a strong portfolio on Themeforest with 24 items that have been over 65,000 times purchased with more than $2 million in sales.

The7 Theme is their most popular product has been sold over 290,000 times and earned tons of great reviews from their customers and experts.

The7 theme is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be used for any kind of website. It is also an ease of use and flexible theme that user can easily customize their website in every aspect.

The7 Theme Review: Everything You Need To Know

In this section of The7 theme review, I will walking you throw every thing about the theme including the setup process, features, pricing and more.

Install and Setup

Installing The7 theme on your WordPress website is really simple and easy. But before you can get started installing your theme you need to have a theme files.

Or you need to purchase the theme and download it to your computer first before we can start setting up your website with the The7 theme.

So to install The7 theme on your WordPress website you need to login to your WordPress website dashboard.

And then navigate to Appearance > Add new.

Install The7 theme

After you have to click on the upload button.

And then drag and drop the theme file on to upload option.

Then click on the install button to install the theme on your WordPress website.

After the installation process is done, you have to click on the active button to activate the theme on your website.

Right now, you have done installing and setting up the The7 theme on your WordPress website.

If you're not quite sure about installing The7 theme you can read their installation guide by clicking here.

They had a very clear documentation that on how to set up the The7 theme on your WordPress website.

Design and Visual Appeal

The7 Theme provides a nice design, customizable and easy to use to use theme that comes with tons of useful features. 

The theme comes with over 60+ pre-built site templates built with the world’s most popular page builder Elementor which gives a high-quality page design.

That user can use its pre-built templates on their website by choosing the most beautiful one for them.

It’s just not enough yet… 

The theme also comes with lots of advanced design features to give you the best design options.

Here are the most popular design features of The7:

  •  5 different Homepage layouts
  • 4 Portfolio styles
  • 4 Blog styles
  • 3 Post layouts
  • 5 different shop page layouts
  • 14 Layout Elements
  • 14 Pro Widgets
  • 11 General widgets
  • And more.

Features and Functionality

As I mentioned above the The7 WordPress theme comes with lots of useful features that make the theme the most customizable and ease of use theme.

The theme is also an SEO-optimized, fully responsive, and performance-optimized theme – that will boost your site loading speed to give a great user experience.

Here are the key features of The7 theme:

  • Unlimited Header Layouts
  • Mega menus
  • Elementor and Woocommerce integration
  • 680+ Google Fonts
  • Masonry grid layout
  • Table of content
  • Pricing table & Price list
  • Portfolio manager
  • Unlimited backgrounds and colors
  • Testimonials
  • Call to action buttons
  • Animated headline
  • Icon fonts
  • Flex Box
  • Blog, Post, Page, and Shop Layout Options
  • Translation ready
  • Fully responsive for any device
  • Optimized for SEO
  • And much more


We all know that the performance of a website is really important for our business website or blog. 

It also can impact your website’s SEO and search ranking. 

As a well-known developer, the team at Dream-Theme really focuses on this factor to make their as fast as possible.

There several factors to choose the best WordPress theme and the performance of the theme really important for every website.

However, The7 WordPress theme gives you the best performance of your site loading speed.

According to our test the speed of The7 WordPress theme on GTMetrix and Google Pagespeed Insights.

We were really pleasantly surprised by the result, the tool gives an A grade score of performance with 100% and 96% structure.

The7 theme performance test

According to the result of the GTMetrix performance analysis, The7 WordPress is the best performance-optimized theme we can trust that will improve the website loading speed.

The theme also compatible with any caching plugins such as WP-Rocket, WP Super Cache, LiteSpeed, or W3 Total Cache. 

Which you can use your favorite cache plugin with The7 theme to get more better performance of your site.

Customization and Theme Options

The7 theme fully customizable throw Elementor, the theme setting can be configure through Elementor interface.

But it require this feature turned on. 

However, the new users of The7 has this feature turned on by default, and existing users also turn this feature on by going to The7 > My The7.

The7 wordpress theme

After you had enabled this feature, It will hide the theme options, by select “Yes” on “Would you like to generate Global Colors and Fonts based on Theme Options?” It will migrate theme settings (colors, fonts, etc) to Elementor interface. 

How to customize your theme on Elementor?

So to configure your theme settings on Elementor you first need to create new post or page and choose edit with Elementor.

At the top right corner of Elementor click on hamburger icon and click on Site Setting.

The7 theme Elementor site settings

After you’ll find the theme customization options setting (as show in the image below) and now you can customize your theme.

The7 theme options elementor

Search Engine Optimization Friendliness

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key succeed of any business especially for online business.  

Without SEO you’ll not drive much organic search traffic to your business website, which mean you’ll get low conversion rate.

So, choosing theme for your website also need to clear of that feature whether it an SEO optimized theme or not.

However, The7 theme is an SEO optimized WordPress and following every aspect of search ranking factors to make the theme compatible with any SEO plugins.


Responsive and Mobile-Friendliness

Mobile responsive website is an important factor for every online business. Because there are over 55% of website traffic comes from mobile devices and 92.3% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone.

So, this is a factor you need to focus on while purchasing any theme for your website and make sure the theme you’re going buy is fully responsive and mobile-friendliness.

However, The7 theme is a fully responsive and mobile-friendly theme on the market that is compatible with any device, which makes you hassle-free.

Supports and Documentations

After-sales customer support is an important factor when we buy something online. The Dream Theme provides the 6-month premium support license when you purchase the The7 theme.

This means you’ll get free theme support and updates during your premium license period. 

But, you’ll always be able to renew your license or upgrade your support to an extended support license if you want to get extended support.

The team of the Dream-Theme developer provides customer support throw their user forum. As they’ve provided product support for a long time.

That means you’ll get world-class support from highly skilled experts.

Apart from that there is extensive documentation available for you on their knowledge base. They detail everything and make it a really simple and easy-to-follow guide.

The7 Theme Pricing and License

Dream-Theme offers The7 theme a really competitive price in the market as low as $39 for a regular license that includes a 6-month premium support license.

That most premium WordPress themes usually charge $49 for the same license. According to its features and affordable price, It is a great theme you should use on your website.

The7 Theme Alternatives

If you feel The7 WordPress theme doesn’t fit your needs – there are lots of WordPress themes on the market that you can use for your WordPress website.

However, In this section, I have covered the most popular WordPress themes in the industry that are alternatively to The7 Theme you can choose to start your website with those themes.

All the themes that I will share with in the below, It comes with lots of advanced features that help you create the most beautiful website easily.

They’re SEO optimized, responsive and mobile-friendly, integrations, full control of theme customization, and great performance WordPress themes trusted by site owners, bloggers, and experts.

Here are the themes I’m talking about…

1. Astra

Best WordPress themes for blogger

Astra is the most popular and fast-grow WordPress theme on the market – The theme comes with lots of advanced features that make your website a great performance.

It is a super lightweight WordPress theme that developed to improve your website speed and provide a great user experience.

Astra has integrated with world most popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver builder, and Gutenberg block editor.

It also provides users with tons of pre-built site templates for the majority of page builders I mentioned above.

You’ll get full control of your theme customization with Astra includes header builder, typography, color, background, and much more…

Astra plans and pricing:

  • $49 Astra Pro
  • $139 Essential bundle
  • $187 Growth bundle.

2. Divi Theme

divi theme and page builder

Divi Theme is another world’s most popular WordPress themes that offers the best theme features you ever need.

The most interesting of Divi is that It comes with its built-in page builder (Divi builder) that helps you design and create your website really easily.

Divi builder is a front-end page builder that allows you to design or create a website on the front end with no need to click on the preview button to see what you did on your page.

Divi is a super lightweight theme that provides the best site performance and speed.

It also like other WordPress premium themes, provides tons of pre-built templates that use can import and use it on their own site.

Divi also comes with other useful plugins like Bloom Opt-in form, and Monarch social share button.

Divi Theme plan and pricing:

  • Yearly access – $89 per year.
  • Lifetime access – $249/one-time payment.

3. GeneratePress

GeneratePress Best WordPress themes for bloggers

GeneratePress is another best WordPress themes in the industry – The theme gives users powerful features to ensure they get a perfect performance.

It is also integrated with the world’s most popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg block editor.

That gives users full control of their theme customization and creates their beautiful website with ease of use.

GeneratePress also gives users tons of pre-built site templates to import and use on their WordPress website.

The theme is an SEO-optimized, responsive mobile-friendly, customizable, and perfect performance WordPress in the market.

However, if you want to access all the advanced features of the theme you need to purchase a pro version of the theme otherwise you’ll have limited functions and features.

GeneratePress plan and pricing:

  • Yearly plan – $59 per year.
  • Lifetime plan: $249 one time payment.


The7 theme is one of the most popular WordPress in theme on the market that offers various of useful features with affordable price.

It a fully responsive mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, most customizable, and a great performance theme.

Considering with their advanced features, create design and its affordable price, The7 theme is a great theme you can use on your website.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, we may receive a small commission when you click and purchase through our link. However, they are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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