Elementor Pro Nulled: Why You Shouldn’t Use It?

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Elementor pro nulled or pirated version


Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress and WooCommerce, It also become one of the fastest-growth page builders in the industry. 

It’s an easy-to-use page builder that helps you create dynamic websites quickly with drag-and-drop elements. 

Since it launched in 2016, The plugin has more than 5 million users who have downloaded and used Elementor to build their websites.

However, with the popularity of any software, it always faces a problem – one of the pirated or nulled versions. 

There are many websites and forums that allow you to download nulled WordPress themes and plugins like Elementor Pro for free, But is it safe? The short answer is no.

There aren’t safe and you shouldn’t download or using the Elementor Pro that not come from the original source. 

The Elementor Pro nulled version shouldn’t be used with many reasons.

In this article, we’ll cover the reason why you shouldn’t use the Elementor Pro nulled versions to building or designing your websites. 

Why You Should Avoid Using Elementor Pro Nulled Versions?

Before we getting started, I want you to know why nulled or pirated  software damage more than beneficial.

Most of WordPress plugins and themes are licensed under GPL (General Public License) – a free software license that are freedom to copy, share, modify the software. 

However, It can be the way for nulled or pirated versions of software can be modify with no blowback on the person distributing the modified versions.

As a user, you might be tempted to install and using the nulled version of your favorite plugin or theme on your website. 

However, you’re putting your website and your business in some risks.

Here are some reason why you shouldn’t use Elementor Pro nulled or pirated versions to designing or building your website.

1. Risks of Viruses, Malware or Ransomware

According to the extensive study by IDC, Microsoft and the National University of Singapore – There are 33% chances of getting malware when installing pirated software or bought a PC with pirated software. 

When installed pirated or nulled software on your computer or your browser, It can corrupt your data and your device.

Malware or spyware can also get into your home or office network and then gain access to your personal and business information.

According to HealthitSecurity reports, 70% of ransomware attacks in 2018 targeted small businesses with an average ransom damage of $116,000. 

The cause of risks comes from them trying to save a few dollars by using pirated or nulled plugins or themes.

2. Data Privacy Issues

In recent years, there has been a surge in discussions surrounding data privacy, with notable events like Facebook’s testimony before the US Congress and Google facing fines from the European Union (EU).

Despite the increasing amount of time consumers spend online, there is a growing concern for their privacy.

In response to these concerns, lawmakers worldwide have been actively introducing new privacy regulations. 

Prominent among these are the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the likelihood of more countries and regions adopting similar measures.

It’s crucial to recognize that these privacy laws aren’t exclusive to tech giants like Google or Facebook. 

They apply to every business with an online presence, including membership sites, software companies, publications, and online stores. Compliance with these regulations is mandatory for all.

Engaging in the use of pirated software presents a significant risk to both your own security and that of your customers. 

Pirated software installations increase the vulnerability of your systems, making it easier for hackers to compromise not only your data but also your customers’ sensitive information. 

Hackers can exploit weaknesses in pirated software to access customer identities, passwords, and financial data, posing a severe threat to your business’s integrity and your customers’ trust.

3. Plugins Compatibility Issues

There are risks that nulled or pirated Elementor Pro plugin don’t works with the latest WordPress updates or other plugins that you had installed and used on your website.

Every WordPress plugin or theme developer wants to ensure that their plugin or theme is compatible with the latest updates of WordPress and WooCommerce or other plugins and themes.

The team of Elemenoter developers isn’t different.

They work really hard to ensure their plugin works fine by continually updating both Elementor and Elementor Pro to work seamlessly with the latest updates of WordPress.

4. The Risk Website Not Working Properly

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) powered by 810 million websites and 43.12% of all the websites on the internet are built with WordPress according to W3Tech stats.

However, 10000s websites get hacked every year and about 90% of the hacked sites are WordPress sites.

Extensive research has consistently indicated that the root of the problem does not necessarily originate from the core WordPress platform itself. 

The developer community displays an unwavering commitment to continuously updating the core platform while adhering to the latest web security standards.

While it is an unfortunate reality that websites can be susceptible to hacking, maintaining the security of your WordPress website remains within your control as long as you adhere to established best practices.

A significant portion of vulnerabilities emerges from two primary sources: outdated or non-optimized WordPress plugins and various forms of cyberattacks.

It is essential to underscore that safeguarding the security of your website should never be an afterthought but a priority.

The initial critical step revolves around the careful selection and installation of plugins. 

Subsequently, it is imperative to ensure that you have the appropriate WordPress security plugin in place to fortify and shield your website against potential threats.

5. Lack of Updates and Supports

Software problems are a universal frustration, even when they come from industry giants like Microsoft, Google, or Apple. 

Software outages, vulnerabilities, and compatibility hiccups remain persistent challenges in the digital realm.

Usually, when you encounter download or compatibility hitches, you have the option to reach out to the company’s support team for assistance. 

They can guide you through troubleshooting steps to resolve the issues and get your software back in working order.

The level of support provided by Elementor Pro aligns with this industry norm, and we will delve deeper into it in a subsequent section.

However, when it comes to pirated or nulled software, you’re left to fend for yourself. This absence of support can be a significant drawback. 

Your website serves as a vital source of traffic, customers, and income. When software problems arise, it’s crucial to have reliable support to swiftly restore your site’s functionality.

A Quick Look at The Free Version of Elementor

Elementor reviews 2023

Elementor is an all-in-one solution that helps you create a more visually appealing website with its drag-and-drop page builder. 

However, Elementor offers two different versions free and premium of its page builder plugin, but in this section, we’ll cover the benefits of its free version.

Let’s dive deeper with the Elementor free versions.

Elementor’s free version comes with many awesome features to use for creating/designing your WordPress or eCommerce website the way you like.

It is an amazing WordPress add-on that comes with countless free widgets and templates. This means you can use the plugin without paying a penny for a yearly subscription.

However, you’ll need to pay for the subscription if you decide to upgrade to more advanced features of the Elementor Pro version.

But what makes Elementor so popular?

Here are some key features that make the page builder so popular:

  • Front-end page builder and live editor.
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor.
  • Can be used with any WordPress theme.
  • Unlimited customization options with 30+ basic widgets and 30+ basic templates.
  • Easy to build responsive websites.
  • No requiring coding skills.
But wait…
Does this sound so basic and limited? You can upgrade to the premium version of Elementor Pro.
Elementor pro nulled

You’ll get access to: 

  • 90+ Basic and Pro widgets
  • 300+ Basic and Pro templates
  • 60+ Pro Website Kits
  • Create and customize your own theme with the Elementor Theme Builder.
  • Email marketing integration.
  • Premium support.
  • and more.

Most Popular WordPress Themes Supported With Elementor

I know, I had mentioned in the above section that Elementor work with all WordPress theme.

However, I want to share some of the most popular WordPress themes on the market that are integrated with Elementor page builder and also want to give you more insight into this page builder.

If you are wondering which theme is the best for your WordPress website and compatible with Elementor. 

The theme that I am going to share with you today, not only works fine with Elementor but also gives you a better user experience, fast loading speed, and improves your SEO.

Here are the most popular WordPress themes:

1. Astra

WP Astra theme

Astra is a super lightweight WordPress theme and it become one of the most popular multi-purpose themes on the market.

It is a speed-optimized theme that will boost your website loading time and provide your customers a better user experience (UX).

Other than that Astra also the SEO optimized and mobile friendliness WordPress that works on all devices.

The theme now has over 1 million users downloaded and using the Astra theme on their WordPress website. It also got a 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot.

The theme also comes with lots of advanced features that allow you to create your website with few clicks by importing their pre-built templates, and customization.

Moreover, Astra has integrated and works great with all the most popular page builders such as Elementor, Beaver builder, and Gutenberg block editors.

Astra plans and pricing:

2. GeneratePress

GeneratePress wordpress theme

GeneratePress is another of the best and most popular themes in the industry that comes with advanced features to improve your site’s UX and boost speed.

It is an SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly theme that works great across all devices throw their responsive optimized function.

Apart from that GeneratePress is compatible with the most popular page builders like Elementor allowing site owners to create and customize their website with the most popular on the internet.

The best part of all the best WordPress theme always comes with pre-built templates that allow users to import and create their site in a minute.

And GeneratePress is not different than others they also provide pre-built templates, which help website owner create their website using those templates by importing one of them to their site.

GeneratePress plans and pricing:

3. Hello

Hello is one of the most popular themes on the internet the theme was developed by Elementor company, as the theme was developed by Elementor meaning that it is 100% compatible with Elementor plugin.

Hello is a fast and lightweight WordPress theme that will bring a fast loading speed to your website, which can bring a great customers user experience to your website.

There are over 1 million websites downloaded and using the Hello theme, the great news about Hello is the theme is 100% free – but without the Elementor plugin, you’ll get fewer features for theme customization.

You can download and use the Hello theme for free without signing up for a pro plan subscription.

However, to get more functionality and theme customization.

You must have the Elementor or Elementor Pro version integrated with the theme to make it more customizable.

4. Sydney

Sydney Theme by aThemes

Sydney is a fast-growing WordPress theme in the market,  It is one of the themes developed by aThemes.

The theme comes with advanced features to make sure the site using its theme gets the fast loading speed.

The theme get over 1,000,000 users downloaded and using Sydney to build their WordPress site. It also got a 5-star rating on WordPress.org.

Sydney theme is a lightweight, SEO optimized, mobile responsive, and customizable theme that builds for speed, improves site performance, and also easy to customize page layout.

The theme has integrated with the most popular page builders like Elementor which you can get more customization of your website.

It’s also one of the best and most popular WordPress themes you can use to make a beautiful blog or business website.

You’ll get lots of pre-built site template designs to choose from and use on your website. aThemes also provided a free version of Sydney theme to give a free taste of its basic features.

Sydney theme plans and pricing: 

The Elementor Alternatives

If you feel not good of using Elementor page builder, there are several page builders alternatives you can use to create or design your WordPress website.

The page builders that I am going to share with you – Also the most popular page builders on the market that tons of users downloaded and using it to build WordPress websites.

Here are the best Elementor alternative:

1. Divi

divi theme and page builder

Divi is one of the most popular theme that come with its own page builder (Divi builder), The theme and its page builder are developer by ElegantThemes.

According to BuiltWith.com stats, Divi has 2,346,312 active websites using the theme and its visual page builder in the world.

It also got an excellent 4.9 stars (22,982 users) reviews  on Trustpilot, That mean the theme also the most popular once you can consider when it come to Elementor alternative.

Divi Pricing: 

2. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is another popular page builder on the market that has over 100,000 users downloaded and using it to create their WordPress website.

Beaver Builder is a flexible and easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder that works on your front-end of your WordPress website. 

The plugin allows you to create a dynamic WordPress easily by dragging and dropping without coding knowledge required and everything is customizable.

If you’re looking for the best Elementor alternative, Beaver Builder is one of the best page builders you can use to create your WordPress website or an eCommerce store.

Beaver plans and pricing:

3. Gutenberg

Gutenberg block editors

Gutenberg is a free block editor by the Gutenberg team, You can use this plugin for free to create or design your website content.

It is also one of the most popular block editors that is free to use with amazing features, you can get started using the plugin by simply downloading and installing it on your WordPress website.

But for the latest version of WordPress, it actually automatically adds this plugin together when you have installed your WordPress website.


As you know using Elementor Pro’s nulled or pirated version affects you, your business, and your customer’s information. 

So the best way to get out of the risks of your website is to avoid using the nulled or pirated WordPress themes, plugins, or even the Elementor Pro nulled version.

To keep things safe, all you need to do is get away from pirated or nulled software if you don’t want to open your website, your business, customers, or your personal pieces of information to get hacked.

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