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Elegant Themes logo

Divi Marketplace

Pricing: Based on Divi extension

Standout Features: Leading Divi extension marketplace provided by Elegant Themes, combination of divi experts.

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Divi Cake

Pricing: Based on Divi extension

Standout Features: Global Divi marketplace, second most popular Divi market, Available tons of Divi add-on and layout.

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Divi Essential

Pricing: start from $49 per year

Standout Features: 60+ modules, 600+ Divi layouts, regular updates on products, annual payment, and basic customer support.

Divi Theme is one of the world’s most popular WordPress themes, the theme has rapidly growth and has gain its users over 4,117,000 websites using Divi theme according to BuiltWith stats.

However, according to its popularity, the desire for its beauty has rapidly increased including the Divi Templates, Divi Layouts, Child Themes, and more…

So, are you looking for the Divi Templates, Layouts, or Divi pre-built? 

I can guess the answer is YES, that is why you are here.

If I was right… 

You have come to the right place because in this article I will cover the most popular Divi marketplaces to get the free and paid version of Divi add-on products.

15+ MarketPlaces To Get Divi Templates (Free & Paid)

In the below section, 

I will share with you the list of the most popular marketplaces that give you free and paid Divi add-on assets.

I also give you quick overviews of each one of them to get you to get a deep understanding of their products of the Divi add-on assets?

So let’s get started…

1. Divi Marketplace

Divi marketplace - best place to buy Divi templates, layouts, child themes, and more

Divi Marketplace is the built-in marketplace of ElegantThemes (a company-developed Divi Theme). 

The marketplace allows developers (outside of the company) to place and sell their Divi add-on products in the Divi marketplace

Every developer can create Divi add-on products including Divi Templates, Layouts, Site pre-built, Child themes, and more.

Divi Marketplace is the combination of Divi add-on marketplace from many different companies who offers Divi add-on products.

It is the best where you can purchase add-on assets including Divi templates, layouts, child themes, site pre-built, and more.

2. Divi Flash

Divi Supreme - Best Divi Plugin and layouts

Divi Flash is the most popular Divi plugin, It is the all-in-one plugin that offers various Divi assets and functionality including Divi templates, modules, layouts, child theme, and much more.

The plugin is 100 percent capable and integrated with the Divi builder to give your page builder more functionality and the most customizable builder.

The great news about Divi Flash is that it provides over 20+ free Divi templates or premade layouts for you to download and use on your website without paying any penny of a dollar.

However, If you want to get all the features and functionality of the plugin you need to pay its premium version.

3. Divi Supreme

Divi Supreme - Best Divi Plugin and layouts

Divi Supreme is one of the most popular websites that sell a bunch of Divi add-on products, It offers a powerful Divi plugin to enhance your Divi website design and customization.

They offered the most popular Divi plugins and layouts including Divi Supreme Pro, Supreme AI Writer for Divi, Supreme Mega menu, Supreme maps, and Supreme modules lite.

And are other amazing stuff like Divi child themes to create Divi stores and many free Divi templates and layouts.

Divi Supreme has become the best seller on Divi Marketplace, Which got 9958 sales for the Supreme pro plugin alone out of its five products.

4. Divi Cake

Best Divi Marketplace

Divi Cake is the Divi marketplace where you can find the best Divi products from different categories to use for your purpose.

The Divi Cake marketplace platform is the combination area of Divi product sellers that allow Divi developers to sell their products on its marketplace.

Divi Cake marketplace platform is similar to the ElegantTheme Divi marketplace, it allows the developers to sell their own products on the platform by signing up to become seller members.

You can find tons of Divi extension products including Divi templates, layouts, child themes, premade sites, and much more on the Divi Cake marketplace.

5. DiviLife

Divi Life offers various of Divi Products and Templates

DiviLife offers various Divi add-on products from Divi plugins to child them, layouts, site premade, and lots more that you find to use on your Divi website.

It is one of the most popular Divi extension product providers on the market that gives you the best Divi add-on assets for using on your purpose.

DiviLife also offers the Divi course that teaches you how to create a valuable website with Divi for you and your clients to get more projects and charge higher prices.

It also offers an All Access pass subscription which you can get access to all the DiviLife products when you become a Divi Life membership.

6. Divi Next

DiviNext is another best Divi plugin that offers full packs of Divi templates or layouts, modules, Woocommerce modules, and more advanced features to enhance your website creation hassle-free.

DiviNext brings you the most refined extensions, which enrich your website-building abilities.

It gives you tons of useful features and abilities to create and customize your website. You’ll get access to all their products and features if you choose the all-access pass membership license.

Apart from that the plugin also makes sure to enhance your website performance.

By focusing on speed optimization on their product development to make your website get the best performance and improve your website SEO.

7. Divi Monk

best Divi templates marketplace

Divi Monk is also the place where you can get the Divi extension products, It also offers the Divi templates, layouts, sections, modules, and more.

Which you can choose from to use on your Divi website. You’ll get access to 250+ professional design Divi templates, tons of sections, and modules with Divi Monk.

It is a great place for you to get the best professional Divi templates to use on your website to make yours the most beautiful site on the internet.

You’ll get 1-year support from the experts, and upcoming features, and get access to it existing templates of the Divi Monk you purchase for its products.

8. Divi Essential

Best Divi Extension plugin

Divi Essential is the DiviNext family product that offers Divi add-on functionalities and modules to give you the best website customization ability on your Divi website.

You will get access to all the modules, popups, website starter layouts, and tons of pre-built websites to use on your website.

When you subscribe to its premium version it will give you the advantages of using the Divi Essential plugins on your website.

It is also one of the most popular Divi extensions on the market that can bring your Divi website design and customization to the next level.

9. WP Zone

WP Zone the best Divi Extension and plugins seller

WP Zone is one of the most popular Divi marketplaces that offers various Divi extension products including Divi WooCommerce, plugins, child themes, and Divi courses.

Whether you want to start a regular Divi website or WooCommerce, It gives you all the functionality to help to build your dream site.

Divi Zone also has its own web hosting platform to give you the suit for starting up your website online with Divi and another page builder website.

Its managed WordPress hosting solution is specifically built for the site using page builder.

However, It is a suitable platform that helps you get started on your website in one place from Divi extension plugins to WooCommerce and managed WordPress hosting for Divi website.

10. Divi Den

The best place to get divi templates

Divi Den is the best place where you can the best Divi templates, and site premade to use on your website.

It offers two different Divi plugins free and pro versions that come with unique features and functionality.

Divi Den provides over 124 free Divi layouts that you can get without paying any penny dollar all you have to do just find the best one that fits your needs and download and use it on your website.

Apart from that it also offers tons of Divi features and functionalities to enhance your website creation abilities with ease of use.

Common Divi Templates FAQs

1. Where To Find Divi Templates?

There are lots of marketplaces where you can get Divi templates, child themes, layouts, and modules plugin extensions to use on your Divi website.

However, you can visit Divi’s official marketplace to get the best extension for your Divi website and most of those extension includes pre-built Divi templates. You use your own website to make it the most beautiful site on the web.

2. Are Divi Templates Free?

Divi templates are actually not free but there are some cases in which developers may give you free options to get the Divi templates.

It may be because they want to build their brand awareness and attract customers for future conversion.

But, It is also a great option and you can try their free Divi templates on your website and use them as your own.

3. Does Divi come with templates?

The answer is YES, Divi comes with lots of templates and layouts for you to import and using them on your website.

But in some case they may not fit with your requirement otherwise we need an add-on Divi template fill in our requirement of the website design.

That why the Divi extension come in to replace your desire of functionalities and customization of your website.


There are lots of places where you can get Divi templates, layouts, child themes, and many other functionalities to use on your website that enhance your website design or creation abilities with Divi theme.

The top-mentioned marketplace website is just a small corner of Divi extension product providers.

However, they are the most popular Divi extensions on the market.

I hope you’ll find this content helpful and get the best Divi extension for your website to enhance your website design or creation abilities and get the most customizable with the Divi extensions.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, we may receive a small commission when you click and purchase through our link. However, they are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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