LinkMiner Review: Quality Backlinks Features [2023]

linkminer reviews 2023

LinkMiner is the most popular and powerful link-building tool on the market that coming up with a huge links database.

LinkMiner is a part of Mangools SEO software that was designed to help customers with link building, backlinks data analysis, and links audit for any type of website (you’ll find this LinkMiner review).

If you’re looking for the best backlinks tool that brings a better user interface, a clear data structure, and user-friendly design then LinkMiner is the tool that you should consider.

As we all know that links are really important for a website and a big playing role in SEO to rank a site on search engines.

So every site owner needs to keep building links to improve website authority, and I am also the one who works hard on the link building for my site because I am serious want my site to drive more free traffics from the organic search.

I think you are also one that people who trying to build high-quality links to your site to improve your site visibility on search engines.

But what I’m noticing is that building without tools is like randomly picking something under the water of a lake.

And it takes time-consuming to find out backlink ideas such as: 

  • What domain authority score of a site I’m trying to get a link from.
  • How many percent spam score (link spam) a domain has.
  • How many backlinks should I have to outrank my competitors?
  • How many domains linking to my competitors.
  • And so on…

So let’s get back to our LinkMiner review.

What is LinkMiner?

LinkMiner is Backlink checker tool that design to helps bloggers, site owners and SEO marketers to check or analyze site backlinks profile, doing link audit and even find opportunity to build or steal backlink from your competitor.

linkminer reviews 2023

With LinkMiner you’ll get a powerful backlinks tool with a huge links database that helps you find out any website backlinks profile very quick and easy to use.

It one of the most popular SEO tools on the market but it a specific tool that mainly focus on links to provide a high quality data analysis.

The LinkMiner Review & Guide

In this LinkMiner review, I’ll walking you through everything you need to know about LinkMiner such as how to check website backlinks profile, find out new & lost links.

And all the quality features of this tool, to help you gain more insight of using this tool.

Let’s get started with the LinkMiner Review…

1. Getting Started With LinkMiner

You first need to go and log in to LinkMiner before you can get started with the tool, you have two ways to login to the tool through or either

After you came to the site, you can see that they do really well on the website with a strong interface that makes the user feel fresh from browsing the site.

This is the basic thing that I had notice of strong design on every Mangools company website.

LinkMiner reviews 2023

Now make sure to login to the tool after you had logged in to LinkMiner already then it time for us to move to the next step…

2. Understand URLs for Backlinks Analysis

There are several types of URLs that you can use to do the backlinks analysis with the tool I will explain in the following below and make sure you need to use the valid URLs as an input for checking site’s link profile.

  • Root Domain – “” use this form to find all the backlinks that pointing your site (it a main and recommend form to use for check site links).
  • Sub Domain – “” use this form to find backlinks profile for sub domain like www and other sub domain.
  • Exact URL – “” use this form to find out the backlinks that pointing this specific URLs.
  • Patch URL – “*” Use asterisk as wild character, for example find the backlinks for blog post that under /blog subpatch.

Now you had understand all the type of URLs you can use for backlink analysis with the tool, so getting started of doing backlink analysis.

LinkMiner Review - The best Backlink Tool

To begin analyze a website backlinks you need to enter a valid domain or URLs as an input. But wait something to take note, on the input box you’ll see the three different tabs it important for you to understand.

  • All – If you prefer to use all tab mean you will able to check all the links such as active, new and lost links data in one place.
  • New Links – As the name itself I guess you already know what it is. It use find only new links that a site got.
  • Lost Links – mean to find only the lost links of a website.

You may also need to tick on the “One link per ref. (reffering) domain“. Which mean to allow the tool show up only one link per referring domain because sometime your site may get multi-backlinks from one domain.

Now it time to go enter a domain name and click on the “Find backlinks” button to check backlinks.

3. Links Data & Backlinks Profile

After you clicked on the “Find Backlinks” button then you’ll see a new page that shows in-depth domain information and backlinks profile in one place with an awesome user interface designed.

I’d say the interface looks so professional, pretty well design and so informative with a good arrangement structure.

As this article is a LinkMiner review, so I will break down and detail every section of this page to helps you understand everything available on the page.

So let’s me show you every component in detail.

LinkMiner Backlinks Profiles

The top right section is a quick preview about the value of your domain authority and backlinks such as:

  • Citation Flow: It reflects the amount of “link juice” that a site has this measured by Majestic.
  • Trust Flow: It is the value measure the trustworthiness through backlinks from a trusted site by Majestic metric.
  • Ref. IPs: It is the value of referring IPs address of those sites who link to yours.
  • Ref. Domain: This is the number of referring domains that are linked to your site.
  • Active Backlinks: It shows the number of backlinks that are active (not lost).

Now we end up knowing the top-right section it’s time to move to the next section of the page.

Now let’s move in to filter options, there are three filter options you can use to filter out backlink profiles the way like such as:

  • Filter: This option is an advanced filter that use to filter out any type of data that you get to know the detail a bit later.
  • Do/NoFollow: It uses to filter out between Follow links and No-Follow links.
  • Active/Deleted: Use this filter to find out active or deleted backlinks of a website.

Now let get in-depth with the advanced filter to know what it exactly do for you…

When you clicked on the “Filter” button it will shows up the advanced filter options which allow you to filter out different type of links data like:

  • Link Strength
  • Citation Flow
  • Alexa Rank
  • Target HREF
  • External Links
  • Trust Flow
  • Source URL
  • Target Anchor.

Now you all know importance of the advanced filter for your backlinks analysis so it time to move on to the next step.

Mangools LinkMiner reviews - Backlinks profile navbar

Now on top of the backlinks profile, you see the menu shows with like CF, TF, FB, AR, HREF, and so on…

Which makes you sometimes confuse about those, so I will detail all of these components to helps you understand what it exactly is.

  • Source URL – It is the exact site URL that links to the site you’re checking.
  • CF – It standing for Citation Flow which you have known in the above section.
  • TF – It stands for Trust Flow which you also know.
  • EL – Number of external backlinks.
  • FB – Total number of Facebook shares.
  • AR – It is an Alexa ranking metric.
  • HREF – Backlink HREF patch, HREF is the HTML attribute it uses to define link source.
  • Anchor – It shows you what anchor text a site use to link to yours.
  • LS – It stands for Link Strength it shows you the power of that like with the metric score. 

Now if you move a bit down it’s the backlinks profile the main focus of the backlink analysis because it details all the information of every single link.

LinkMiner Backlinks prifile area

Now on the backlinks section, you could see the links URLs number in the column which descript for each top menu, but you also few small buttons with colors such as green, dark red, and gray with the shortcut text like DF, NF, EN, FR and so on…

You also need to take note if you’re not sure what is it.

  • DF – Mean Do-Follow link which always shows in the green button.
  • NF – stand for No-Follow link it always shows in the dark red button.
  • DEL – stand for Deleted link also show dark red button.
  • The gray button – you’ll always see EN, KR, FR, and so on…, It tells about the site language.
  • Green lock pad – It tells that the site that links a site you’re checking is secure by using an SSL certificate.
  •  Star icon – You always see the start icon in front of every single link this stands for favorite if you click on it then the tool will that link to a favorite list.

Now you all know about the backlinks profile and let’s a the bottom of a page you’ll see the “Load more” and “Export” button.

Use to load more link data and exports the backlinks from the tools to personal computer.

LinkMiner Reviews - Link Preview

At the right side of the page, you can see the mobile screen this is a quick preview of how the link looks on the exact page. To do a link preview you just have to click on the of those links on a backlinks list.

You can either preview a link with a desktop screen by clicking on the desktop icon right bar that I had marked number two in the above image.

How to Add Links to Favorite List ⭐

You properly find out your favorite while doing backlink analysis, so the best thing about LinkMiner is it allows you to add links to your favorite list.

LinkMiner - Link favorite list
Linkminer - Links favorite list

Then you need to click on the “Favorite” menu after the Favorite page will popup at the left side of a page.

So now we had reach out to the end of LinkMiner review, How do you think about this LinkMiner review? or let’s us know about this LinkMiner review if something we don’t covered by leave a comment below.

Affilate Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links, we make small commission when you purchase products or services through our affiliate links without additional cost to you.

linkminer review 2023





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