10 Best Expired Domains Marketplace In 2023 [Verified]

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Are you looking for the best expired domains marketplace to buy authority domain names? – In this article, I will share with you the best marketplace to buy expired domains that helps you grow your site authority fast and get a higher ranking on search engines.

If you’re new to expired domains and wondering why we need an expired domain? I will give you a quick overview of the expired domain and why we need it.

Let’s get started…

An expired domain is a domain name that has already been purchased by someone within a period of time they purchased for, and it expired when they don’t renew that domain name on time.

Those expired domains may have good authority scores and some are not depending on their incoming backlinks (also known as inbound links) to that specific domain.

When it comes to buying the expired domain name we need to be clear about the authority score for each one of them before we decide to buy, the more the authority score it has the better for us to consider purchasing.


Buying an expired domain is not just for authority but you also need to check its niche and only the expired domain that matches the niche that you plan to start a website or blog with, or the same niche as your current website if you want to use it to boost your site authority by redirecting it (301 redirects) to your current website domain and increase your website SEO.

 Ok, let’s get back to our topic.

So in the below sections, I will share with you the best marketplace to buy expired domain names that help you boost your online presence, get better SEO, and increase more website traffic.

10 Best Marketplace to Buy Expired Domain Name

Before we go throw the lists of expired domains marketplace, let’s get a quick overview of what is expired domains marketplace? first.

An expired domain marketplace is a platform or website where expired domains are listed for sale. These expired domains are domains that were previously registered by someone but were not renewed by the owner, and as a result, they became available for registration again.

Expired domain marketplaces offer a convenient way for domain investors, website owners, and SEO professionals to search for and purchase expired domains with backlinks and existing traffic.

These domains can be used to create new websites, improve existing websites’ SEO, or be resold for a profit.

Expired domain marketplaces usually offer a search function where users can filter the listings based on different criteria such as domain age, traffic volume, backlink profile, and more. 

Some marketplaces may also provide additional data and metrics such as domain authority, page authority, Trust Flow, and citation flow.

It’s essential to note that not all expired domains are created equal, and some may have a negative history that could harm your website’s SEO. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to do your due diligence and research the domain’s history before purchasing it. Some expired domain marketplaces may offer additional services such as domain history reports and verification to help buyers make informed decisions.

1. Domain Coasters

Domain Coaster Expired domains marketplace

Domain Coasters is one of the most popular expired domains marketplace out there, it has lots of high authority expired domains name with different categories that helps customers pick the right domain for their website.

If you’re looking to buy an expired domain name to improve your website SEO or do a 301 redirection to your existing domain, Domain Coasters is a great place for you to check out.

Because it has tons of expired domains name with a great authority score that will fit your need for building your authority site that will quickly start growing traffics.

The great things about buying a domain name with Domain Coasters are you don’t have to do a domain auction yourself, high-quality backlinks existed, and great for search engine optimization.

As it is the best expired domains marketplace, all you have to do is just filters out the domain category you would like to get a domain from and find out the best expired domain to purchase.

2. Odys.Global

Odys.Global - Best Expired domains marketplace

Odys.Global is the world’s largest expired domains marketplace out there, it provides lots of premium expired domain names that will help get the best domain name for your website.

The expired domains name on Odys.Global is a great choice for SEO experts and entrepreneurs who looking to build a brand or maximize their SEO results.

All of the domains come with a great authority score that will boost your brand-new website SEO to drive tons of organic traffics from the search engine like Google and Bing.

If you’re looking to buy an expired domain name to build your brand new website or improve your existing website SEO throw an expired domain name make sure to check out Odys.Global.

Because it has tons of great premium domains that may fit your need for buying an expired domain name for your business. 

3. SEO.Domains

SEO.Domains Best Expired domains marketplace in 2023

SEO.Domains is another large expired domains marketplace for everyone who wants to buy a high authority domain name or trying to get a better SEO domain for their 301 redirections.

With SEO.Domains have more than 220000 expired domains for SEO experts, entrepreneurs, and website owners who want to improve their search ranking by using the expired domain.

You can also buy a bulks domains name if you’re looking to create a high authority PBN (Private Blog Network) website to optimize or serve a links-building service for others.

If you’re looking to get the high authority expired domain name, SEO.Domains is another great expired domains marketplace you must check out to get the domain you need

4. DomCop (Buy Expired Domains)

DomCop is not exactly the expired domains name marketplace, but it can help you buy a great domain name with a great backlinks profile that helps you get a good SEO for your website or SEO redirection.

DomCop is an expired domain hunting tool that will help get quick finding expired domains name from different domain auctions, like Goddy Auction, Dynadot Auction, or  NameCheap and many others.

If you’re looking to buy an expired domain name by hunting them yourself DomCop is the great tool you need to check out when it comes to hunting expired domains and buying them by your bid price.

DomCop is a great tool for you if you have time for doing the auction because when you do a domain auction, you bid your price and other guys also give bids on the domain you’re looking for.

Anyways DomCop is a great place you need to check out, when we are talking about the expired domains marketplace, tons of SEO experts are using DomCop to find a great expired domain for their SEO project.

5. Godaddy Auctions

Godaddy Auctions is a domain auctions platform that is designed for internal expired domains by Godaddy domain registration – It also considers the expired domains marketplace because you can find Godaddy expired domains’ names and buy them on this platform.

Before you can purchase the expired domain you need to bids in the auctions until you get to win the auction, but that is also the premium domain name available their that lets you make an offer on the price.

You can use their filter options to find out the most relevant expired domain for your niche by filtering the domain categories you are looking for buying.

There is some more filters option available there, but they don’t have the SEO analysis metric. 

So it is hard for you to find a great SEO domain at once unless you need to use external SEO tools to check the domain authority, backlinks profile, and domain spam score.

6. Flippa Auctions

Flippa Auctions - Website auctions marketplace

Flippa auction is the best buy and sells website marketplace, It has tons of websites available for everyone who want to buy great authority website. It also sells domains name which you find the best-expired domain name for your website.

People are flipping lots of expired domains on Flippa with many different categories and niches so it can be a good place where you can get the best domain for your business.

When talking about buying an expired domain name Flippa is also the place we need to check out because it gives both benefits such as a good authority domain and a website.

7. Dynadot Auctions

Dynadot expired domains marketplace

Dynadot Auction is one of the most popular expired domain search platforms to buy a powerful expired domain with a good SEO background to build your authority site.

It is also the best expired domains marketplace for the powerful SEO domain name for your website SEO redirection that will boost your site get ranking on the SERPs page to drive tons of organic traffics to your business site.

They provide tons of expired domains list for us to bids those expired domains name on auction. when we got a higher bid then it will be won the auction and be ready to purchase the domain.

The most interesting about Dynadot auctions is the EstiBot and Links filters options which you can use filters out and find the best expired domains with a high number of backlinks or filter EstiBot to see which expired domain gets the highest estimated sell price by EstiBot.

8. NameCheap Market

Namecheap Marketplace is one of the best expired domains marketplace for auctions and buying expired domains that are expired on the internal domain name registration itself.

All the domains are going expired on Namecheap it will be placed on their auction market where everyone can do the auction and purchase the domain name they like when the auction gets won.

There are filter options that will help you find the domain name you need, but the thing is that they don’t have SEO metric options for those expired domains unless you need to use external SEO tools to find the powerful SEO expired domain with Namecheap.

If you’re looking to buy an expired domain name, Namecheap is a great expired domain marketplace you can get started with.

9. Sedo

sedo best expired domains name marketplace

Sedo is one of the largest domain registration companies out there, with Sedo auctions you can find tons of premium expired domains name – It is also one of the most popular expired domains marketplace in the world.

You can use Sedo auctions to find the best-expired domains for your website and improve your search engine ranking on Google with the power of a great of the expired domain name.

If you’re looking to buy a high-quality expired domain name for your website SEO, Sedo is a must-go place when it comes to buying expired domains.

10. SpamZilla

SpamZilla is not exactly an expired domain name marketplace, it is an expired domain hunting tool like DomCop it helps you find great SEO expired domain names with lots of SEO metrics that the tools provided.

At SpamZilla you can find a powerful domain name with a great backlinks profile that will help you get a high authority domain for your business website to get quick traffics from the search engine.

If you want to find a powerful expired domain name with a good authority score and backlinks, SpamZilla is the best tool you can use to help get the best domain for your need.

Wrapping Up

Buying the high authority expired domains name to use for 301 redirects to your money site will help you get fast organic traffics from search engine and better for your site SEO also save you more time on link building strategy.

I hope this content will help you find the best expired domains marketplace to get started of buying the best domain for your website.

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